What to expect in Waxing

So you want to start waxing and hope that with just ONE session that the hair on your body WILL NOT grow back. Sorry, honey. This is not the case! Yes, waxing is a wonderful alternative to hair removal. Yes, that with repeated sessions, your hair will become SOFTER, FINER and FEATHER LIKE. It’s truly all about the consistency. I like to see my clients every 4-6 weeks. There is scientific reason for the consistency. Let’s break it down.


This diagram shows the three stages of hair growth. When considering a Brazilian or MANzilian Wax, one of the huge benefits is that after 3 consecutive waxes, is that the stages of hair growth will start to grow in tandem together. Some hair follicles will even stop growing in certain areas. Hair follicles are fed by blood supply. So when a woman is ovulating, there is a natural surge of blood supplied to the labia of the pubic region. The top portion of the bikini area (the hood) will be most noticeable in sparse hair regrowth. That’s wonderful news! That area of the bikini tends to be more sensitive to wax, and with less hair to remove because of consistent waxing, the process is faster and less painful. Win! Win!

Now, I mentioned that coming in every 4-6 weeks is ideal. It takes hair follicles roughly 23 days to regrow. For some, it may take longer, and some it may take a shorter time - resulting in noticeable hair regrowth before your appointment. These stages of growth can be tamed! So stop the worry, and get yourself booked for your next wax appointment!

shape of hair.jpg

Not all Hair is the Same

This diagram is a great visual to explain that not all hair is the same. However, at Wax that Bod, LLC the products that are used for every client is proven to work on fine hair, course hair and all the types of hair in between. The primary goal is to make sure that is the hair is long enough to pinch, it’s long enough to wax! Wax that Bod, LLC prides itself on inclusivity. If you have hair you want to rid, Wax that Bod, LLC is the place to be! Simple!

Hard Wax vs Soft Wax

Hard Wax vs Soft Wax are two completely different types of waxes. Hard Wax becomes it’s own wax strip and removes all the hair painlessly and quickly as it’s own strip. Whether you have fine hair or course hair, the hair wax grabs everything! Soft Wax needs to be removed with a non-woven paper strip to take the hair off. Some claim that soft wax is more aggressive than hard wax on the skin since it is highly recommended that you DO NOT cover the same area of the skin more then once since you can lift the skin. Although soft wax is more cost effective than hard wax, you must be sure to remove ALL the wax off the surface of the skin - otherwise your client will be sticky. That is why Wax that Bod is proud to use high quality hard wax in all of it’s services. It is a beeswax base and polymer blend which means that it will NOT crack!


Did you Know? Client safety and what you watch out for:

  • Gloved Up?

  • Clean and Sanitary Conditions?

  • Is the Licensed Professional you are seeing Prepping, Waxing, and Treating the Skin?

  • Is their documentation of their licensure visible when you first walk in?

  • Did you know that you can easily look up anyone’s license and see if there are any infractions they may have received by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology? Here is the link:


  • You can find anyone with their full name or license number and report an incident anonymously.

Brazilian & MANzilian Waxing Benefits:

  • No hair, no hassle

  • Less irritation than shaving

  • Hair grows back softer, and finer

  • Weeks of soft, smooth skin

  • Hygienic and sexy


Brazilian Wax


MANzilian Wax

Face & Body

Waxing is completely safe for full body application. Wax that Bod prides itself on using hard wax for full body application and giving clients the best results at a fair price!


Congratulations! You are having a baby, and YES you CAN wax! Waxing is completely safe for all expectant moms. Whether you just found out about baby or you haven’t seen much of what is going on DOWN THERE, Wax that Bod is the best place for your waxing needs!

Waxing vs Shaving

The main difference between waxing and shaving is that with waxing, we are removing the root of the hair follicle as you take off the wax in one clean motion. Results last anywhere between 4 -6 weeks! Shaving has short term benefits and hair will grow back quicker and thicker in just a few days for some, since you are cutting the hair shaft at the thickest part of the hair. Also, shaving leaves your skin irritated, red, and itchy.